The Place You've Been Looking For

Right at your finger tips, venues sorted by capacity with easy links to their sites. No ads, no gimmicks, no sign ups, all glorious searchable data available for the beautiful intelligent people who know where to look.

Well okay, maybe their'll be ads someday. But they'll be tasteful.

So Give it a Try!

and maybe please give us some feedback? Either use the form at the bottom of the page or we're @venuecheatsheet on twitter or good old fashion electronic mail. Adding venues is fun but we're not event planners / managers / gurus and we need to know how you use it.

Or better yet how you'd like to use it.

On your phone? Try the mobile version instead.
Thanks to updates to Tableau Public we now have a mobile friendlier version handy.


Disclaimer: This is handcrafted data! The only guarantee is that it was put together with love, NOT accuracy.

Tips on how to use above: You are probably familiar with interacting with maps, this one has an additional feature: a Capacity Filter. You can click and drag the sliders to adjust the which venues appear based on capacity. You can also click on the numbers themselves and type in the capacity you're looking for.

Click on a venue dot and a link to their website will appear.

If this is helpful, tell us and tell the venue!

Our next steps in the beta:

  • more venues! (we've got more than 50 in the hopper)
  • get some user feedback
  • respond to user feedback
  • please give some feedback!